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Autotech Startup Showcase 2016

The Texas Wireless Summit, in partnership with the Austin Technology Incubator (ATI), invites startups in the autotech sector to showcase their companies and compete for a $5,000 prize and admission to ATI awarded by an expert panel of judges.

ELIGIBILITY: We are particularly interested in meeting companies addressing three aspects of automation: communication, sensing, and data analytics/machine intelligence, but are open to all startups who will play a part in the future of transportation and mobility. Eligible startups can be at any stage, but should have raised less than $10 million in outside funding to be eligible to participate.

AWARDS: $5,000 first prize and admission to the Austin Technology Incubator! All companies selected to participate in the showcase will receive two complimentary registrations to the conference. All other applicants will receive a code for $100 off conference registration.


  • ACERTA is a platform that analyzes vehicle data to detect problems and predict failures. The technology uses a combination of machine learning and statistical analysis to automatically build a profile of normal performance and then to detect vehicle problems and diagnose failures in real time.
  • ASTRAPI is commercializing spiral modulation, for which it owns the foundational patents. Spiral modulation constructs signals from complex spirals rather than the traditional complex circles. This method expands the signal waveform design space, resulting in higher throughput, improved interference mitigation, reduced battery power usage and improved synchronization.
  • CivicSmart has enabled over 2,000 cities to unlock substantial value from their on-street parking programs through its innovative “Smart Parking” solutions, including their patented, highly accurate vehicle sensor. These solutions reduce miles traveled, traffic congestion, and fuel use while increasing city revenues.
  • FATHYM, INC. offers end-to-end IOT/data capture/ analytics/alerting, visualization and messaging solutions. Fathym has a proprietary data capture device that interfaces with a Microsoft Azure enabled platform, which creates actionable data from forensic or live data and visualizes, alerts, and notifies operational personnel.
  • KENGURU is an electric LSV (low speed vehicle) for drivers who have physical disabilities requiring them to use a wheelchair. Kenguru vehicles allow disabled drivers to enter with their wheelchair via a ramp and hatchback in the rear of the vehicle, without specialized lifts or assistance.
  • MOLOCAR streamlines the car-shopping experience for both dealers and customers.  “MOLOTAGs” placed in cars in dealer inventory geo-locates those vehicles and provides shoppers with dynamic, proximity-aware features, specs, and prices of surrounding vehicles.  Dealers capture consumer profiles and preferences, and also benefit from improved inventory tracking and management.
  • RADIOSENSE is developing a low-cost centimeter-accurate precise positioning system for automated vehicles. The system fuses vision and other sensors tightly with precision GPS in a software-defined architecture, which enables vehicle automation in all-weather conditions and can be easily integrated into a vehicle’s existing computing platform.
  • SPLT is an enterprise-first carpooling platform that connects drivers and riders within organizations to share the commute together, it enables commuters with common travel plans to meet someone new, save money and help reduce traffic congestion and CO2 emissions. SPLT, in partnership with Lyft, creating the world’s first mobile app designed to disrupt the Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT) market.


  • Bob Metcalfe, Ph.D – Professor of Innovation, Murchison Fellow of Free Enterprise – The University of Texas at Austin
  • Roger Keen – ADAS Product Manager, Automotive Microcontrollers & Processors, NXP Semiconductors
  • Rachel Charlesworth – VP, Marketing, moovel North America, LLC
  • Eric Thorn, Ph.D. – Manager R&D, Cooperative Systems Section, Southwest Research Institute
  • Natalia Ruiz Juri, Ph.D – Assistant Director, Network Modeling Center, The University of Texas at Austin

APPLY: Applications are now closed.  The Austin Technology Incubator accepts applications on a rolling basis. Please apply online and the team will connect with you. If you have questions, please email Kathleen Baireuther at kbaireuther@ati.utexas.edu.